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Advice from a College Senior

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

My best friends are people I didn’t even know until September 2017 and lately, all we can say is that that first year together feels so long ago. College life happens so fast and you grow so much each year. I wish I had the normal four years other college students got and every time 

I think about how this entire online year is not what I wanted, it makes me sad. But I truly had the best time possible because of them and because I made the most of it for myself- and here’s how you can too. 


Make an effort to make friends

Having both my roommates and friends that I don’t live with added so much to my experience. I had a close relationship with the people I was constantly around, but then I also had a group of like-minded girls who I could get out of the house and hang out with and talk about our common interests and goals. Living with people I didn’t pick myself turned out better than I could have imagined but surrounding yourself with people who are like you can also be rewarding and motivating, especially in college where you’re on your own and easily influenced by who is around you. 


Do as much as you can, while you can 

Yes, it takes more effort to get work done early and then go do something fun, but it’s all worth it. For me, going to school in the city meant that getting to actually see the city was just as important as working and doing schoolwork, I’d rather have to work harder to do it all then work half as hard anywhere else. You have the chance to be a part of so many experiences and opportunities, don’t pass that up. 


Balance is everything

Being successful in class is all about time management and organization, and keeping up with school, work, a social life, and clubs, definitely requires a steady momentum. Even so, it’s actually easier on yourself to be on top of course work because letting things slip is stressful and you’ll get a headache trying to remember everything. I sometimes felt like I couldn’t do it much longer, but the semesters go by quickly and it always felt good to go home for a break knowing I’d accomplished something.  


I lived with the same people the whole time and never changed my major and each year was still so different, and that’s something future students should be really excited for. I used to picture us all together taking graduation pictures like it was so far in the future it didn’t feel like a real thing that would happen, and honestly, it still doesn’t. But if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that this is the time to work on you so don’t waste any time being anything but yourself. 


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