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8 Alternative Trench Coats for Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MMM chapter.

Trench coats are an essential part to the fabulous spring season. It means flowers are blossoming, and for some reason that results in fashion erring on the side of classic versus the edgy vibe from the cold frigid winter season that precedes. For many fashionistas out there, making the leap from Kylie to T. Swift is a little much. Below is a list of trenches that don’t pull too hard in either direction. You know, for the girl who’s not willing to commit to a specific style, aka me.  

Navy Suede Robe

Pair it with this tank for an unexpected monochromatic surprise. 


Cotton Camel

Add some extra texture by pairing with with this knit fringed tank


Fringe Cape

Pair it with these white skinny jeans

Classic Cut, Spunky Color

Add some chunky pearls to project a youthful aesthetic. 


Sporty Chic

Add a splash of color with sneakers to make this extra long bomber be the envy of your friends brunch outfits.  

Pajama Wrap

Pair it with these matching joggers to complete the laid back yet still super professional look. 


Kimono Jacket

There’s already a lot going on with this look because of the cut and material, so add a simple tee underneath. 

Embellished and Breezy

Don’t over power this alternative trench by adding something over the top, instead opt for a dark loose fitting romper

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