7 Totally Instagrammable Desserts in NYC

If you got this super amazing dessert and didn’t post it on Instagram, did you really have it?

I’m always scrolling through Instagram looking at the delicious treats New York City has to offer. I’m always dragging my friends along with me to go get dessert. Check out some places I’ve been to!

  1. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory - The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is about a 15-minute walk from the nearest subway. I totally recommend walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and then rewarding yourself with some of Brooklyn’s finest ice cream and an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline.I ordered: 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream on a conePrice: $4.00 (cash only!)Location: The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  1. Amorino Gelato - Amorino Gelato lets you pick an unlimited amount of flavors and then will sculpt your gelato into a flower. Not only does it look good, it tastes amazing. Being down the block from Union Square, it’s a great place to grab gelato and hang out in the park.I ordered: A piccolo come topped with caramello, speculoos, and banana  (on right)Price: $6.50Location: 60 University Place, New York, NY 10003

  1. Big Daddy’s - Big Daddy’s is a 1980’s themed diner with multiple locations in Manhattan. On Mondays, at 4-7, appetizers are half off. Since you saved on dinner, splurge on a milkshake! I’ve celebrated by birthday at Big Daddy’s and it was a lot of fun!I ordered:  Cookie Monster Shake, Me Love!Price: $7.00Location: 1596 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10028

  1. Schmackary’s - A treat after a Broadway show or a sweet to stroll around Times Square with, Schmackary’s is the place to get it from. The store smells like fresh baked cookies during all hours of operation. I love to get a cookie with a cup of milk and sit on the red steps in Times Square at night.I ordered:  Funfetti cookiePrice: $2.75Location: 362 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

  1. Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit - Chloe’s has the consistency of frozen yogurt, but it’s entirely made out of fruit! It’s a great alternative to sugary sweets or those who are lactose intolerant.I ordered:  Regular size Banana soft serve with strawberries and gluten-free cookiesPrice: $5.00Location: 25 E. 17th Street, New York, NY 10003

  1. Sprinkles - Sprinkles has the super cool Cupcake ATM, but they’ve also got some super cool ice cream flavors! Located in the middle of the 55th Street Res. Hall and school’s campus, it’s the perfect treat after a stressful day of classes.I ordered:  Kid’s cone with Capt’n Crunch ice cream with rainbow sprinklesPrice: $2.75Location: 362 W. 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

  1. Lady M Cake Boutique - Haven’t you always wanted to go at The Plaza? Well, maybe the hotel rooms are too high, but there’s a whole food hall in the basement of The Plaza! There’s an assortment of foods to order, but I recently had a delicious piece of Cake from Lady M.I ordered:  Strawberry Neapolitan cake slicePrice: $8.00Location: 1 W. 58th Street, New York, NY 10019

Are you craving a cookie or a gelato right now? If you go, comment your photo or what you ordered! If you’re interested in more desserts, or any other meal, check out @lunchwithme on Instagram. -- my personal foodie account!