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6 *Not* Terrifying Halloween Movies

Halloween is coming up and to be completely honest, I am not a huge fan. I’m only excited for it because of the free candy (but c’mon, who isn’t?) and all of the fun costumes people wear. I do not like horror movies one bit, and I am sure that I am not the only one. With that being said, I decided to share 6 movies to watch that are not completely and utterly terrifying.


A Nightmare Before Christmas​

Why not start off with a classic Tim Burton movie that everyone loves? If you haven’t seen it, Jack, the pumpkin king of Halloween, accidentally ventures into Christmastown and decides that he wants to take over the holiday. So, he kidnaps Santa and conjures up all of the residents of Halloweentown and conjures up his version of Christmas. A Nightmare Before Christmas is most definitely a must see, it’s actually perfect to watch any time of the year!


Another must see, if you haven’t already! This movie is about a young girl named Coraline who discovers a whole new world behind a secret door in her new house. It seems perfect at first, but it ends up being a complete nightmare. For a family movie, it gets a bit scary at some parts, but it has a happy ending which could never be a bad thing.

Beautiful Creatures

This one’s on Netflix! Based on a series of books, Beautiful Creatures is a supernatural love story between a boy named Ethan and a girl named Lena, who is constantly surrounded by chaos and has supernatural powers that she cannot control. This movie is packed with curses, magic, darkness, and a teen romance.



Circle is a psychological thriller that really messes with your mind. Fifty strangers are abducted and are being executed one by one until they all come to a conclusion as to who should be the last one to live. The beginning is slow at first, but the end will leave you with your mouth hanging open asking yourself what in the world just happened.


Would You Rather

I love psychological thrillers. This one is about a group of strangers, who are in dire need of money, attending a dinner party in hopes of receiving some financial compensation. The catch? They must play a sadistic game of would you rather against one another. It’s gory and will have you crawling out of your skin, but the ending is an astonishing one as well.

The Purge

Last, but certainly not least, The Purge. I’m sure that most people have heard of or seen a commercial of this movie, but I thought why not include it. The Purge is about the one day a year where the citizens of the country are to “cleanse” themselves. This can be considered a horror movie, but it is more of a sci-fi. There are only a few jump scenes but it is without demons and paranormal activity (which truly frightens me the most). Any of The Purge movies will suffice for a not-so-terrifying movie night.



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