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Spring is here, summer is that much closer and for college seniors it means that graduation is in the not so distant future. For many that means stressing out over job searches and trading in Netflix for applications. Here’s 5 ways to make the first steps of foraying into the adult world a little less nerve-wracking and (slightly) more approachable!

  1. Start looking earlyIt’s always helpful to start looking at current job postings a little bit before you start submitting applications. It gives you a good sense of what’s out there, pay scale and leads on some potential places that you might not have heard or even thought of. Depending on when places are looking to hire or your aiming to start, submitting applications before graduation can only help to getting your foot in the door. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to try something differentWe’re fresh out of college job seekers so the pickins’ can be slim and as a new jobseeker we just want to find one. Studies have shown that a number of us might be working in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet in a few years and a number of us might even end up in a field different from our college majors. It never hurts to apply for those seemingly unrelated jobs, you never know what’s out there and who knows, you just might discover that you like it! 
  3. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteerYou’ve done the internships, you have the experience but you just can’t seem to land that perfect-for-you job. Finding that great job takes time and sometimes, we need to do a little extra to boost our resumes. Get in touch with some local organizations that pertain to your designated field such as nonprofits to see if there are any upcoming events or just anything in general that you can help out with. Many places will be thrilled that you reached out and it might give you the chance to network all while adding to your resume-plus, it shows future employers that you are driven and determined! 
  4. Get a fresh take on your resume and CVI know, I know this is something that has been driven into the ground and repeated many, many times. But, it’s absolutely true. Before you begin filling out applications and sending out emails have someone else take a look over your resume and cover letter, whether it’s a mentor, tutor, internship supervisor etc. They can provide you with new ways to phrase things that make your resume stand out even more and your cover letter a bit more concise. 
  5. Never give up Almost all of us are stressing about not knowing what’s next and wondering what we’re doing. For one, know that as cheesy as it sounds you are not alone and many others that you think have it together are wondering the same exact thing. Whether you’re looking for a fulltime position in your field or a job to help put you through Graduate school remember that everything will work out the way it should and don’t let a little bump in the road discourage you from attaining the life that you want!
Missy Mobley, 22, Senior majoring in Speech-Language Pathology with a minor in Journalism at Marymount Manhattan College. Current Editorial Intern and Writer at NewYork.com. Broadway enthusiast and lover of vanilla coke, pomagranet and bookstores!
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