5 Free Things To Do in NYC This Summer

College students rejoice! Summer is right around the corner. This probably means your schedules are about to be clear AF. Is anyone complaining? Nope. Even though classes will no longer be in session, we all still fall under that "hella broke college student" stereotype. SOOOO here are some dope free things to do in the city this summer! Have fun getting your tans on :) 

W a l k

Honestly, this is probably one of the best activities NYC has to offer. There are so many places to go and experience just because it’s purely visually pleasing. Make sure you go on a day when the weather isn’t too hot because NYC can be brutal. Check out these awesome places: Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grove Court (in West Village), Carl Schurz Park, and Irving Place. Your Insta stories and Boomerang will thank you. 

Go to The Met

OK, so technically this isn’t free. But it is pay what you wish, which means you could literally give a dollar and take a million instaworthy pics.

Artists & Fleas Market SOHO

If you’re from the city, you’ve definitely been to it’s location in Chelsea Market. But, they are opening a new store in SOHO on May 12, and will be featuring artists such as Melsy’s Illustrations (a Her Campus favorite).

Shakespeare in the Park

As long as you’re willing to wait in line, it’s totally worth it! All performances start at 8pm, so don’t worry about getting caught in the beaming sun. This summer, Delacorte Theater will be featuring Julius Caesar for the first half of summer followed by A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Lap Dance Saloon

The HiFi Bar in the East Village offers free comedy shows… Apparently there’s even free pizza. Need I say more?


Hopefully these add a little spark to your summer! 


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