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Jonas Brothers concert from lawn
Original photo by Penelope Schweitzer

15 Best Jonas Brothers Songs That We All Forgot About

As a recent Jonas Brothers concert attendee, I realized just how many of their old songs can still be bops. Even though their recent music makes fans more excited than ever, their 2000s hits (plus some others that did not get the recognition they deserved) should never be forgotten. 

  1. Fly With Me (Lines, Vines, Trying Times, 2009)

This song will make you feel inspired and motivated, there is no doubt about it! If you don’t think Nick was an absolute musical genius on that piano, you are lying to yourself (Plus, the high note is *chef’s kiss*).

  1. That’s Just The Way We Roll (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

I don’t know if it’s the obscure lines or the upbeat nature of this song that makes it so amazing but hey, that’s just the way the Jonas Brothers roll.

  1. When You Look Me In The Eyes (Jonas Brothers, 2007) 

 Prove me wrong that this was not the most romantic song in 2007. You know you dreamed about them singing it to you, don’t lie. 

  1. Mandy (It’s About Time, 2006) 

You may not have ever heard of this Jonas Brothers tune, and that’s a shame. It is such an early 2000s pop rock song and it blows my mind that it was not featured in an old teen romance movie. 

  1. A Little Bit Longer (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

If your heart was not breaking as an 8-year-old hearing Nick sing about his health issues, were you even a Jonas Brothers fan? The perfect emotional rollercoaster to round out their third album. 

  1. Poison Ivy (Lines, Vines, Trying Times, 2009)

Straying from their typical love song roots, The Jonas Brothers had to write a bad boy anthem which, of course, made us more obsessed. 

  1. BB Good (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

Honestly, it was a little upsetting that BB Good was not a part of the Remember This Tour setlist because seeing Joe speak into the mic softly and slowly would have made every girl, including myself, faint. The song is worth the listen for that part, and that part only. 

  1. Goodnight and Goodbye (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

The intro is perfection yet, sadly, this song did not get as much credit as it deserved. A petition should be started to hear them sing this today. 

  1. Play My Music (Camp Rock Soundtrack, 2008) 

You are instantly reverted back to your childhood when hearing this underrated bop from an iconic Disney Channel Original Movie.

  1. Hold On (Jonas Brothers, 2007) 

The last minute and eight seconds of the song should be made as your alarm clock, waking up to Nick singing intimately into the mic and then the song picks back up into the most catchy chorus of all time. 

  1. Paranoid ( Lines, Vines, Trying Times, 2009)

This song best encapsulates their old music while trying to mature. It possesses the same “banger quality” as 2007 Jo Bros singles, making it their final album hit before breaking up. 

  1. S.O.S (Jonas Brothers, 2007)

An early classic that gave us this iconic line that “hugs are overrated, just FYI”

  1. Lovebug (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

2:30 will give you goosebumps every time. An all-time personal favorite of mine. 

  1. Year 3000 (It’s About Time, 2006)

Again, a classic. The song that hooked every fan. Their first big single featuring 14-year-old Nick. If you haven’t heard their comeback rendition of “Year 2019”, I suggest you look that up right now.

  1. Burnin’ Up (A Little Bit Longer, 2008)

Last, but not least, the biggest classic of them all. Weakening all the knees of every single Nick girl, the riffs are where it’s at. 

Although their newest music is still burnin’ up, I will always be a sucker for their old jams.

Lauren is currently a senior at Marymount Manhattan College. She enjoys dancing, watching the Bachelor, cuddling with her cats, and seeing a Broadway show. You can always find her making a powerpoint in her free time! Hope you enjoy her articles:)
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