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13 Vines My Roommates and I Quote Constantly

I don’t know about you, but I find Vines to be a source of pure joy and I’m super grateful that I have roommates who understand my references (oh my god, they were roommates). The culture of our apartment is built on Vine references and I think that’s beautiful. This shared sense of humor has brought us all close together and laughing at Vines has become our way of coping with daily struggles.

Here are our most frequently quoted Vines:

1. “Wtf, is this allowed? Wtf, is that allowed?!”

There are endless opportunities to use this one and believe me, we do.

2. “Ohmigod he on x games mode”

This one we only started saying recently and you’d be surprised at how often you can work this one into a conversation if you really try.

3. “Zack stop, Zack stop, you’re gonna get in trouble”  

There is something about this one that just really sticks with ya. It’s simple, yet effective.

4. “I never went to oovoo javer”

I think it’s safe to say that this is everyone’s favorite right now and I think it’s because everyone can relate to the amount of confusion going on here.

5. “Hi my name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrow”

We have been quoting this one since welcome week. It’s just so relevant.

6. “I can’t sleep, because of that video”  

The beauty of this one is in his tone and the way he holds his arm out like that, all while keeping a straight face. Amazing.

7. “I’m just cooking pizza”  

If you don’t say this to your roommates while you fail to make frozen food in your messy kitchen then you’re doing it wrong.


8. “This is your space, this is your area, she can’t do that to you”

This is the best advice you can give to someone who’s dealing with someone who doesn’t treat them right.

9. “Adam!”  

This is perfect for anytime anything goes wrong.

10. “Wow.”  

This one applies to so many situations it’s no wonder it’s a national phenomenon. (I heard one of my roommates say this as I typed that, so there ya have it, folks).

11. “Wtf Richard!”  

I think this one deserves more attention for the great commentary in the background. Sometimes, it’s who’s behind the camera that matters.


12. “Waddup I’m Jared I’m 19, and I never learned how to read”

I wasn’t a die-hard fan of this one until my roommates and I started watching compilations together and now I think about it daily. Pure gold.

13. *whispers* “what?”

This one’s great because it’s such a commonly used phrase yet if you hear someone whisper it, it’s a clear sign they’re Vine-cultured.

I’m so glad that my vine knowledge has grown just by living with these people. I’ve learned that true love is laying on the floor watching Vine compilations together and then walking around the apartment endlessly quoting them.

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