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7 Movies To Watch With Your Gal Pals


If you look at the fridge in my dorm, you won’t see a grocery list. But you will notice a list of movies. Whenever we’re feeling it, my roommates and I will have someone pick a movie from our official list and we’ll all get comfortable and watch together. That being said, some have been better than others, so here’s our favorites so far:


Love, Rosie  

First of all, I really can’t recommend this movie enough. It’s my new favorite for sure, when my roommates and I finished this we all agreed it was the best movie we’ve watched together. The plot and characters are great and I was 100% intrigued the entire time. The story line is nothing but unpredictable and the cinematography is beautiful. Plus, Lily Collins and Sam Claflin are both amazing.



10 Things I Hate About You

This movie is exactly as old as I am and it’s such a classic. You and your gal pals definitely should watch this, it’s fun and full of iconic lines and characters, yet heartfelt at the same time. I’ve only seen it once, but it’s so funny and charming it’s already on this list. Plus, there’s tons of sass, humor, and romance.



The First Time

Not going to lie, the best part of this is definitely Dylan O’Brien. It’s not plot heavy, but worth watching with your friends if you’re looking for something decent on Netflix. It has the whole “shy guy meets cool girl” thing going on which leads to quite a lot in only one weekend. Gotta love 2012.



500 Days of Summer  

This movie might not be what you expect, but it’s different and captivating for sure. 500 Days of Summer is an offbeat rom-com full of charm. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a great job of playing a hopeless romantic while Zooey Deschanel kills it as the girl who believes just the opposite.



The Fault in Our Stars

I think this one’s a given and it’s obvious as to why you should watch it with your gals—it’s a dangerous one to watch alone. As you’re probably well aware, anything John Green related is something you have to mentally prepare for (even though you really can’t). So go watch it with your best gal pals only.



Me Before You

If you’ve seen Love, Rosie then you’ll recognize Sam Claflin as a familiar, gorgeous face. However, his character in this film is quite different and the story as a whole is charming, heartfelt, and tragic all at once. Plus, Louisa Clark is such a likeable character she’ll be sure to stick with you. The movie is on Amazon, so Prime members have no excuse not to watch this. The book is really good too!



Stuck in Love

This movie follows three different love stories throughout the course of a year. And in case you didn’t get enough of them from the films mentioned above, the movie stars Nat Wolff and Lily Collins. This one’s not so lighthearted at times so definitely watch it surrounded by your best gals. Also, you won’t be able to get “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros out of your head after watching this, but that’s definitely not a bad thing.



There’s nothing better than watching a good movie with your gals pals, so work through this list and then make your own to ensure endless good times laying on the floor in your dorm crowded around someones laptop, at least that's what we do—and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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