11 Things We Can Learn From Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw. We all know her from the hit HBO show Sex and the City. She’s the the girl who we wish we could be best friends with, mainly for the opportunity to share clothes and shoes with. Throughout the series, we have watched Carrie navigate the ups and downs of Manhattan life from getting woken up by roosters crowing on a nearby rooftop to meeting the love of her life randomly on the street one day. We as viewers were able to watch Carrie learn and grow from her mistakes and cheered her on as her and Mr. Big finally realized that they were meant for one another (sorry Aidan, I was always rooting for Big). Sex and the City truly made its mark in pop culture history, and in the lives of millions of women.


Grab your girlfriends and put on your Manolos; it’s time to celebrate all things Manhattan and all things Carrie.


1. There is never such a thing as being overdressed.



2. Life is short. Buy the shoes.



3. You can take the girl out of Manhattan, but it is impossible to take Manhattan out of the girl.



4. It’s ok to be in a relationship with Manhattan. In fact, it might just be your one true love.



5. She taught us about the important things in life. Closet space.



6. Never, and I repeat, never decide to travel cross-country in a train. No matter how nostalgic and fun you think it will be.



7. Everything looks better wrapped in a pink pashmina... Even a broken laptop.



8. Sometimes, you just have to pretend to like a gift. Even if that gift happens to be a hideous rhinestone-encrusted swan pocketbook.



9. Cooking? In Manhattan? Doesn’t everyone just make reservations for dinner?



10. Everyone has a soulmate and the best ones are usually worth waiting for.



11. And lastly, no matter what happens, your girlfriends will always have your back.