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10 iPhone Backgrounds To Lift Your Spring Spirits

It’s officially the first day of spring, but for many of us, it still feels like we’re stuck in a winter rut. To get you in the spirit of the new season, here are 10 iPhone backgrounds that are sure to cheer you up!


For the year-round pizza lovers.


For a reminder to eat your fruits (& veggies).


For a sunny reminder to enjoy every moment.


To add a little color back into your life.


For everyone who wishes their cat was calm enough to wear a flower crown.


For all the minimalists ready for a new start.


For a (baby’s) breath of fresh & floral air.


For everyone who’d love to frolick in a field of daisies right about now.


For a little motivation to make your life as amazing as you’d like.


Because spring brings happiness and so should you!


Campus Correspondent at HC MMM. Communications student in NYC.  Instagram: @sara.capucilli
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