Yes, The Mannequin Challenge Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Remember planking? Specifically, do you remember thinking that nothing was going to get more strange than planking?

Well, something is more strange than planking. The Mannequin challenge, which originated as a Tweet by a group of students in Jacksonville, Florida, involves a group of people freezing mid-action. This doesn’t sound super strange in theory, but the second part of the challenge is that this all happens with “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane playing in the background.

The videos are typically filmed by wandering amongst the group of people, capturing the different poses people have froze in.

Out of all the challenges that it could have been, the mannequin is pretty mild, even if all the videos are like Twilight Zone outtakes, or perhaps Andrew McCarthy’s ultimate sexual fantasy (I can’t be the only one that remembers the movie “Mannequin” where he fell in love with a plastic woman.)

So far, tons of people have done the challenge, and there’s some wild ones in there, including but not limited to Hillary Clinton’s staff, these adorable little kids and an actual dog. Oh, and we can’t forget Michelle Obama.

Personally, I’m still waiting around for dabbing to come back into fashion, but, until then, I’ll catch you next time for the next challenge. However, I don’t think they can top this one.

After watching about 50 of these #mannequinchallenge videos, you start to astrally project—trust me.