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When you think about college, what comes to mind? All-nighters, parties, new boys and excruciatingly painful exams? Though all of those things are part of the college life, getting a job is a reality for many collegiettes. Some need to pay their way through school, some might want extra cash on the side, and some might just want something to do with their free time. Whatever your reason, you will probably find yourself job searching.

In order to do that, make sure you research opportunities both throughout Columbia and Mizzou. Though having a job looks good on a resumé, builds experience, expands your marketability and adds green to your bank account, you’re in college for one reason: to go to school. Make sure whatever job you seek is flexible with your schedule and that your boss is willing to work with you. College is stressful enough without you having to worry about your boss getting mad that you’re missing work to study for a test.

Therefore, the best place to get a job is on campus. Mizzou offers a lot of great services and programs. All of these need employees, and most want to hire student workers. These jobs are the most lenient and flexible with your schedule; they understand the importance of your education. HireMizzouTigers.com is a great resource for available jobs on campus, and also provides information about local jobs and internships.

There are a number of on-campus jobs that do not make employees work weekends or evenings. This leaves ample time for studying or going to events, such as athletic games. If sports are not your thing, check out University Bookstore. They look for great employees to work not-so-favorable days like football Saturdays. Plus, you get a discount on cute clothes!

If you are looking for something relevant to your field, doing research will look great for professional degrees. Even better, almost every field is involved with some kind of research. Check out Undergraduate Research for openings.

Not everybody likes to be on campus all the time, though. If you need a break from Mizzou pandemonium, scout out jobs downtown. The District offers great boutiques looking for fashionable collegiettes. Because Mizzou is so close to downtown, it’s possible to dash back and forth between work and school. Most stores close during the evening, but are open on the weekends if you to squeeze in a few hours.

Downtown restaurants are also a great place to work. You’ll meet a lot of great people (fellow employees and customers), and there are a variety of places to work. There are nearly 100 restaurants in The District, which range from froyo to upscale dining. If you want to make good tips, try applying at a popular bar and grill, such as Harpo’s or Bengals. They are always packed on the weekends with families and college students.

Wherever you decide to work, Columbia has something tailored to your interest. The two things to keep in mind are convenience and flexibility. You probably want a job that staffs a lot of people. Then it will be easier to get someone to cover your shift at the last minute.

Lastly, look for something fun and something you will enjoy. College can be a challenge as it is. The last thing you need is something that will take up all your time or something that you hate. These are the “best four years of your life,” after all. You might as well enjoy them!

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