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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

The winter season at Mizzou is no joke, so students must dress accordingly. Despite the snowfall and bitter cold temperatures, you can still dress fashionable. Prepare your winter wardrobe with these essentials: 

The Classic Wool Coat

A wool coat is the perfect solution to the bitter cold. It creates its own insulation, and it’s also super durable. These coats or blazers look good on everyone. They come in multiple colors, but the brown color will always be classic. 

A Statement Coat

Even if the wool blend is your classic go-to, you still need a statement piece. Coats and jackets can work as the perfect statement piece, especially since people tend to stick to darker colors in the winter. Find something unique. Maybe it has a bright fun color, or maybe the material around the wrists is lined with fur. Whatever it is, plan your outfit around the coat instead of the other way around, and your look won’t disappoint. 

Beanies or Fedoras

Is your style more classic-feminine? Find a pretty, felt fedora to pair with your sweater or even a beanie with a fuzzy pom on top. Is your style more grunge? A classic beanie will totally fit your vibe. I recommend the Carhartt beanies, because they’re comfortable and come in many colors. Overall, beanies are perfect for covering your ears from polar winds. 


Key tip: Have more than one pair of gloves. A leather pair is fashion-forward. A fuzzy or wool pair will be very warm. Some gloves are made specifically for allowing people to still use technology. Either way, gloves are very practical and can still work to pull an outfit together. 


Scarves can easily elevate any look. A basic sweater suddenly looks stylish when a beautiful scarf is knotted over it. Find a few good patterns and colors to add to your wardrobe. If you’re looking for Burberry-esque knock-offs, check out Abercrombie and Fitch. Otherwise, Francesca’s always has colorful plaid options. 


UGGs are nice, but they’re not as practical and fashion forward as they market themselves to be. Invest in a variety of styles, if you can. Ankle boots can be very cute and dressy if they have heels. Tall leather boots are another winter classic and can be paired with virtually any outfit. Over-the-knee boots can easily be dressed up when paired with sweater dresses and skirts, or dressed down with a pair of jeans. 

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