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Why You Should Watch Sex Education if You Haven’t Yet

I had so many friends that have recommended me to watch Sex Education. I didn’t get around to it for a while, but I just started it recently and I am obsessed. The show is super sex-positive and super inclusive of race and the LGBTQ+ community.

I am almost done with the first season and I already highly recommend it. All of the characters are super relatable and so different. There is a character for everyone to love, and it is really open about sexual topics. I really enjoy how open they are with the topic of sex, which has always been seen as such a taboo topic.

The show also has a good plot and amazing character development that I have only just started to see. It contains both good lessons for you to learn about sex-related issues, friendship issues and relationships, and a storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

**SPoilers for season one below**

If you need more convincing, here is a quick overview of some of the main characters:

Otis is a 16-year-old boy whose mother is a sex therapist. He is not popular and only has one best friend, Eric. Otis gets involved with Maeve when the two help a schoolmate out by using the sex lessons Otis has learned from his mother to create a sex therapy clinic. Otis also has a huge crush on Maeve.

Eric is Otis’s best friend since they were kids. He is a very flamboyant and colorful character. He has a huge crush on the only other gay man at their school. Eric struggles with his family—especially his father—because they don’t accept him for who he is.

Maeve is your stereotypical “bad girl.” She is known for being sexually promiscuous and doesn’t fit into any social group. She is a very thoughtful, smart and pessimistic person. She lives alone in her parents’ old mobile home.

Aimee is friends with Maeve. Aimee is part of the most popular social group, known as “The Untouchables.” She has a habit of hoping from boy to boy. Her friends use her and push her to act a certain way.

Adam is the school headmaster’s son. His father puts immense pressure on him to be smart and successful. He is a category “bad kid” and has experienced family issues. He was involved with Aimee and was the sex therapy clinic’s first success case.

Jean is Otis’s mom. She is an extremely sexually active sex therapist. In the show, Otis describes her as a “maneater.” Her and her ex-husband had published a book together, but then separated after he cheated on her. She is an invasive mother, but she has her son’s best interests at heart.

As I watched Sex Education, I texted my friend who recommended the show to me. I was so mad at Aimee for how she treated Adam and herself. I raged when Otis ditched Eric on his birthday without explanation and kept making empty promises. I felt so sad when I saw how Eric’s family treated him and his sexual identity. 

The show is so chock full of amazing content and characters. I am only at the beginning, but I am so excited to continue watching this sex-positive masterpiece. 

All three seasons of Sex Education are available on Netflix, and the show has been renewed for another season.

(she/her) Madison Thompson is a junior at The University of Missouri- Columbia and has direct admission into the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism School. She is an older sister and loves to read and write. In addition to Journalism, Madison loves creative writing. Madison has a self-published poetry book titled "The Journey". Her Poem Supermarket was a finalist in the 2019 KET writing contest.
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