Why Notre Dame is Beloved by the World

The Notre Dame Cathedral, commonly known as "Our Lady," was built over 800 years ago in the heart of France. Its construction began during King Louis VIII's reign and was finished in 1345. While it is a Catholic church, people from far and wide come to visit this incredible building, whether or not they are religious.

The cathedral caught on fire on Monday, April 15. The world was devasted as they watched the church in flames, seeing the burning smoke rise up into the sky.  There are plans to reconstruct the church, as it has been damaged before. French billionaires have already pledged money towards reconstructing the cathedral.

The beauty and history within Notre Dame are extraordinary, and that is one reason why so many were heartbroken to see such a sight before their eyes. The stained glass windows, the age-old bells, and the priceless artifacts are only a few of the many characteristics of Notre Dame. 

While the people of France mourn this loss, others across the globe have publicly expressed their sorrow, such as Anne Hathaway, Barack Obama, and Hilarie Burton.

This natural disaster is a bit of a tragedy, but people are looking to the future and hope that the repairs can be done to fix the Notre Dame Cathedral.