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Why “Midnights” is Taylor Swift’s most iconic era yet

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Upon the release of her 10th studio album, “Midnights,” Taylor Swift further established herself as one of the most prolific artists of this generation. Over the course of the past month, Swift has already broken numerous records (and Ticketmaster), amassed several awards and consecutively topped the Billboard charts.

When you’re as illustrious an artist as Swift, it can be nearly impossible to consistently top previous albums with each new release, but “Midnights” managed to soar over its predecessors. Rather than feeling like an attempt to overshadow her existing catalog, this album builds on all the factors that make her entire discography so distinguished in the first place. Its release also acted as a perfect introduction to the announcement of her 2023 Eras Tour.

“Midnights” is undoubtedly one of Swift’s biggest passion projects to date. She doesn’t hold back or restrict herself to a certain sound, which allows her to break the mold of many of the traditional styles and genres she gravitates towards. Described by Swift as “13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life,” the album pays homage to her previous eras with even stronger production this time around. “Midnights” marks the eighth album of Swift’s and is said to be produced (at least in part) by Jack Antonoff.

Additionally, the music is paired with a gorgeous visual aesthetic constructed with album art and music videos that would leave Tumblr users drooling. This era enlists a dreamy style that ranges from cable knit sweaters to sparkly ball gown dresses, creating looks that are reminiscent of her previous work but still completely fresh.

With its distinct style and sound, “Midnights” opened the floodgates to a new wave of Swift-centric content on social media. Various celebrities have rushed to TikTok to recreate scenes from Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video and the “‘Bejeweled’ strut“. But what does this really mean for Swift? It points to her being in a position where she is completely and unapologetically herself, and fans love her for it. She pairs her deepest thoughts with her catchiest melodies, and it is an undeniable success among both critics and casual listeners.

The release of “Midnights” combined with the buzz surrounding the Eras Tour has also left fans heavily speculative about what’s coming next. The artist is known for her inclination to leave secret clues for fans to decipher, and much of Swift’s recent content has hinted towards “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” as her next big undertaking. One thing is for certain though: whatever Taylor Swift chooses to embark on next, there is no doubt that she will shatter yet another collection of records and expectations.

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