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I’m sure you’ve all heard of Alix Earle before. The 22-year-old TikTok influencer gained a large following last year after posting with Miami DJ Xandra Pohl. Once her video went viral, she gained a large following: Alix currently has 5.8 million TikTok followers and 3 million Instagram followers. Her “Get Ready with Me” videos became extremely popular. It seemed that week after week Alix was setting a new trend! Earle has even been compared to the fictional character Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl because of their similar personalities and lifestyles. 

One of the appeals to Alix’s content is how real she is. She was a college student like us, attending class and having fun on the weekends. Not to mention her room was (and still is) always a disaster. She didn’t have to try to make it seem like she had the perfect, cookie-cutter aesthetic life. Even now that she has gained millions of followers, she’s not afraid to show her journey of dealing with severe acne, her messy room, or when she’s running late to events. 

With a large following, there will also come negative comments and scrutiny. Earle has been criticized for “going out too much” and glamorizing an unhealthy lifestyle. In response, Alix posted a video to TikTok of Olivia Rodrigo’s new song with the lyrics “I know my age and I act like it.” She doesn’t let the negativity get her down or change her. One follower commented “Yes ma’am! Do what you want, it’s your life to live!” and included an emoji displaying a smiling face with hearts, which Earle even liked. Others even posted videos in support of Alix.

Now that Alix has graduated from the University of Miami, her fans began to wonder what her next step is. Earle revealed that she is joining Alex Cooper’s Unwell network to begin her podcast “Hot Mess.” For those who are unfamiliar with Alex Cooper, the 29-year-old podcaster is famous for the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. She has interviewed stars such as Zayn Malik and Shay Mitchell. Cooper launched the Unwell network with Madeline Argy and Alix Earle.

“Hot Mess” is the perfect name for a podcast that Alix is hosting. Not only does she live a fast-paced lifestyle and looks stunning while doing so – she also shows the not-so-glamorous moments. The first episode dropped Sept. 21 on Spotify

Earle starts the episode off by discussing her love life. She tells the story about how she met an NFL player Braxton Berrios at a star-studded party in Miami. The two went on a romantic first date that happened to be in a helicopter. Earle joked how she would go on dates with frat guys who would ‘forget’ to bring their wallets, so this was a new experience for her. 

Alix then cleared the air about the status of the rumored relationship. The two are not together and instead are just having fun. Both had just gotten out of relationships and were still getting over their exes and were not ready to start something serious. 

The episode gets even more interesting when Alix brings in four of her college friends and they tell stories about their freshman year of college. Everyone mentioned how nervous they were to make friends and meet new people, which I’m sure we can all relate to. The girls also gave advice for those going into freshman year: Alix said to “trust the process” and even mentioned she was really close to transferring out of UMiami, but that’s a topic for the next episode.

The last part of the episode was a “get unready with me” segment. Alix discusses Drake’s birthday party as she takes her makeup off. Earle then reveals she never actually got into the party and that not everything you see online is real. She also said that “this was the most embarrassing experience of [her] life.” After three hours of standing outside the party, Earle and her friend threw in the towel and called an Uber home. 

Near the end of the episode, Alix drives back to her college house, “Casa Amour” which is now rented out by frat guys. Earle and her friends had a smart fridge and would put embarrassing photos of them on the screen that they called “photo of the week.” Earle brings Alex Cooper along with her to delete the photos on the fridge. As they’re inside one of the men goes “The smart fridge is great,” and Earle runs to the fridge. In the end, the photos get deleted and Earle reveals the photos were worse than she thought.  Make sure to check out each episode! Episodes drop every Thursday. Alix will be adding a “What would Alix do” segment at the end of each episode. Viewers will be able to send in questions or scenarios through the @hotmess Instagram page and get advice from Alix herself.

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