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Watch This: Project Runway All Stars

This season Project Runway brought back the “best of the best” for an all-star challenge. New judges, Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, and a new host, Angela Lindvall, completed the change of pace. As soon as the first episode aired, though, I was skeptical of the season. Some of the contestants who returned made me question if Lifetime really wanted to see a knock-down-drag-out competition between the best contestants ever or if they just wanted a season with a cast of unforgettable characters (think Elisa, Austin Scarlett and Michael Costello) to boost their ratings.

However as the season has continued, I have found myself enjoying watching the veterans go head-to-head in the workroom. This past week was a great example of the talent these designers are really capable of.

Last week’s challenge was to create a look for a character to wear in the Broadway productions of Godspell. Not only did this outfit need to have the show-stopping quality of a Broadway costume, but it also needed to be put on the actress onstage during a musical number. Basically, the outfit needed to be separates with a lot of pizazz.

The seven remaining contestants – Kara, Austin, Mila, Kenley, Jerell, Mondo and Michael – each created an amazing look in just under two days. Click on this link to rate each of their looks.

In the end Kara was sent home, even though the judges agreed that this might have been her best challenge to date. It looks like the rest of the season will not disappoint; the designers are really stepping it up.

Personally, my fingers are crossed for Mondo. I think he got cheated during his original season, and his designs are without question the quirky, fun looks that girls today want to wear.

Tune into Lifetime at 9 p.m. Thursday for the new episode. And in the words of Heidi, until next time or “auf wiedersehen!”

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