"The Walking Dead" Season Nine Recap

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead”

After another season filled with tragedy and jaw-dropping moments, “The Walking Dead” is going back to its roots. The show has gone through ups and downs in its nine-year run, taking risks with storylines and angering viewers with some unpopular choices (yes, I am talking about Carl’s death, I will forever be bothered by this). However, with the conclusion of season nine, fans of the show feel more satisfied than ever as the show we fell in love with revives.

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To say the anticipation for season nine was high among loyal fans would be an understatement. Before its premiere, teasers revealed the main protagonist Rick Grimes would be exiting the show just five episodes into the season. In a show where no one is ever safe, this news still came as a shock to many. “The Walking Dead” without Rick Grimes? Rick Grimes is “The Walking Dead,” y’all!

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No matter how heartbreaking his exit was, Rick’s final episode “What Comes After” perfectly captured his importance and effect on the show, taking us all on a journey through some of his best moments. Much to the surprise of the audience, Rick did not die in the episode. Rejoice! After being flown away in a helicopter, it was announced that AMC has three original films planned for Rick Grimes to conclude his story in “The Walking Dead” universe. So I guess some of our favorite characters are safe in the show.

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Season nine also marked the introduction of one of the most iconic villains of “The Walking Dead” comics: The Whisperers. And they’re terrifying. Without getting too graphic, this group walks among the dead by wearing the skins of walkers. Yeah, they’re pretty gross. But, hey, I will admit its effective. Alpha, the leader of the group, is the main cause of stress for our group of heroes and will continue to be a threat in the upcoming episodes.

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When I said the Whisperers were terrifying, I wasn't joking. The conclusion season nine took a scene straight out of the comics to shock the audiences, killing off ten characters at once. Some were pretty insignificant as far as popularity goes, however, there were three that left viewers speechless. Tara, Enid and Henry were among Alpha’s victims, as the heads of ten characters were placed on pikes to mark the Whisperer’s territory. This shocking event is sure to be the main cause of conflict leading into season ten. With all of this added tension, the stakes have never been higher for our group of heroes.