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Versace and Fendi Collaborate to Make History

From the Gucci x Balenciaga collection to the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration, iconic brands working together is not a new concept, especially with such recognizable logos. Fast fashion brands have even participated in collaborations with other brands such as the Forever 21 x Juicy Couture collection. Fashion companies recognize the power of collaboration that brings new customer bases and excitement.

The most recent fashion collaboration showed at Milan Fashion Week between Fendi and Versace. Entitled “Fendace,” the collaboration was filled with Greek-inspired prints and the iconic Fendi logo. The collaboration was the work of Donatella Versace, Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi. Donatella Versace described the event as “a first in the history of fashion,” where two designers were able to collaborate and have a “true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship.” Jones, recently named artistic director of Fendi, joined Venturini Fendi to create the first section of the Versace-themed collection, while Versace designed the second section of Fendi-focused pieces. Versace and Jones each have their own distinguishing factors when designing, so the “swapping” of roles led to a hybrid of each fashion house’s legacy.

Black and gold brocade fabrics, matching ensembles and tight-fitting dresses were seen in the Versace-themed section while metal, denim print and pops of color were seen in the Fendi-focused section. The show opened with all-black ensembles decorated in gold Fendi chokers. It then transitioned into the famous Versace print in gold and black, but featured the print in pink to add a pop of color. The transition to Fendi opened with head-to-toe Fendi print with pops of hot pink fur. The looks seemed to brighten as the Fendi print became reimagined into an ombre background. There was a short segment of faux denim print that led into all-black looks. The show ended in three pink and silver metallic dresses that paid homage to the late Gianni Versace, known for his iconic metal dresses.

This summer, the collab between Donatella Versace and Kim Jones was rumored via Instagram. The collaboration between two major fashion houses may set a precedent for others to follow suit as Fendance created buzz and immense attention on social media. The collab could have been a designer’s choice or a marketing ploy for an easy money-grab. With all the excitement around the collaboration between two major fashion houses, expect many more to take place.

Hi! My name’s Makenna and I’m currently studying textile and apparel management at Mizzou. I am interested in ethical fashion, sustainability, and traveling.
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