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Top 10 Recent Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

We all know Nick Viall is the candidate vying for love on this season’s “The Bachelor”. Who will win his heart? No one knows (actually, I know because I’m a terrible person and looked it up). But, we do know there have been some contestants in the recent past that we wish were in Nick’s place this season or Jojo’s place last season. Here are my top ten favorite contestants from the last few seasons of the show that weren’t so lucky in grabbing the start spot of Bachelor/Bachelorette.


Jared Haibon

He’s tried so hard to find love and just can’t find it. Unless he finally falls into Ashley Laconetti’s obsession with him, he needs to be the Bachelor so he can finally find someone. He and his jaw line need a wonderful gal in their life.

Brooks Forester

I thought this guy was the winner before he left Desiree and told her he wasn’t in love with her! I guess this disqualifies him from being the Bachelor, maybe? I’m not sure, but I definitely wouldn’t have minded seeing his long hair and abs on the show again, not on Bachelor in Paradise.

Luke Pell

My mom and a lot of other people’s favorite. Apparently, he had his bags packed, then ABC said, “never mind”? Either way, he would’ve been cool to see again with that southern charm and those abs.

Ben Zorn 

A fan favorite from Kaitlyn’s season because he’s a hunk. He definitely has a big heart and showed that on his time on the show. I think he deserved another chance at showing that.

Derek Peth

Those EYES. Not to mention he looks too much like Jim from “The Office” for me not to love him. He was just gone too soon, and I know he caused some trouble on “The Bachelorette”, but I thought he was sweet and deserves to be Bachelor or on “Bachelor in Paradise” to continue being in my TV view. 


Becca Tilley

If you don’t love Becca, you have a cold heart. She is the sweetest, most down-to-earth girl and deserved the spot! Even though it was given to her bestie Jojo, and she is now in a relationship with Robert Graham from Desiree’s season, I still wanted her to get recognition for being amazing in the form of being the Bachelorette. 

Alexis Waters

*spoiler alert*

If she’s not crowned the Bachelorette or on “Bachelor in Paradise”, I’ll cry. I want to be best friends with her and so do many girls. She loves eating and drinking, wore a costume the first day and knows how to have a good time. Nick, open your eyes. She’s the bomb.

Amanda Stanton

Can I have her closet? Or her daughters’? This girl has the cutest style, kids and personality. Her life seems perfect. We all thought it was happily ever after when she got engaged on “Bachelor in Paradise” to Andi’s winner Josh, but the pair has split and now I need her to find a man that is perfect for her and her perfect children.

Sarah Herron

She might tie with Becca for being the sweetest. I loved Sarah, and she deserves to find a deep love that lasts forevers. Such an innocent soul with good intentions. Love her and miss her. 

Michelle Money

Okay, this one is probably an unpopular opinion, but I would love to see her as the Bachelorette. She is so sassy and just like me, honestly. She doesn’t take sh** from anyone, and I think she would bring a refreshing mood to the show.

ABC, I hope you see this list and grant some wishes. Also, please stop making it so easy to find out who wins. Thank you.


HC Contributer Mizzou