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Things to Know Before Going Blonde

Last year I decided to completely dye my hair from dirty blonde to bleach blonde. I made the transition over the course of a couple months using box dye without the help from a paid professional. Here are some things I wish I had known before dyeing my hair. 

Dye is expensive.

Dyeing hair can be expensive depending on the color transformation and upkeep of the color chosen. For blonde, hair salons can charge anywhere from $100-$300 and may take multiple sessions to get to a desired color. Box dye ranges from $5 a box to $20. Most colors require toning in between dyes and special shampoos that preserve the intensity of the dye. That being said, dyeing hair is an investment that can get pricey. 

You will not achieve your desired color after one dye.

Unless you are dyeing your hair darker than your natural color, it will likely take multiple dye sessions to achieve a desired look. When dyeing hair unnatural colors like pink and blue, you must first bleach before adding color. Some salons will schedule two separate sessions, or you may need to wait a few days before attempting to add color yourself. Having patience with the process is necessary to getting your hair to the perfect color you like. 

Your hair will be damaged. 

Especially if you decide to dye your own hair, there will likely be a lot of damage from doing so. Bleaching hair dries out the cuticle and shaft of hair, making it difficult to retain moisture. I found that I needed to use more product along with moisturizing conditioners to limit the amount of breakage I was seeing when I dyed my hair. Along with moisturizing, limiting heat exposure will also help to retain natural moisture in hair. 

Your scalp will probably get super dry. 

Just as the rest of your hair will lose moisture, your scalp will likely become dry as well. I noticed that my scalp became more irritated and flaky after dyeing my hair blonde. Taking care of your scalp will ensure that your hair grows healthily. 

Dyeing hair is a fun way to change up your personal style, but there are many things to note before deciding to dye your hair. Researching how to dye your hair based on natural color and texture or finding a paid professional to dye hair can make all the difference in the health and look of your hair. 

Adrian is an undergraduate student studying journalism at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo.
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