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The Top 5 Outfits From Harry Styles’ New York Residency

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The Gucci-adorning, singer-songwriter Harry Styles embarked on a 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden this fall from Aug. 20 to Sept 21. If you’ve ever been to a Harry Styles concert, you know that a big focus of the night is what Harry is going to wear. There are entire Twitter threads dedicated to guessing what color Harry will choose to wear at each concert. Even fans show up in their best-dressed outfits, many choosing to wear feather boas and other eye-catching accessories. 

If you’re a fan of Styles you’re gonna want to read this one! Here are the top 5 best looks from Harry Style’s stay in the Big Apple. 

5. Night 1: Blue Chevron Set

Styles began his Madison Square Garden residency adorning a blue and white chevron get-up, Gucci of course. Personally, this is in my top 5 because of the fun sparkly detailing down the side of the pants and around the collar of the jacket. Definitely a strong start for Styles. 

4. Night 15: Rainbow Jumpsuit

The rainbow jumpsuit gets the fourth spot on my list! It was fun and sparkly and a great way to end Harry’s House at the Garden. It’s rumored Styles was inspired by his fans, many of which stunned in a similar rainbow jumpsuit from Nasty Gal. If you want to match the “As it Was” singer, you can find the lookalike here

3. Night 4: Rainbow Pastel Set

In true Harry fashion, we’ve got another Gucci rainbow outfit. I may be biased since I attended night four, but this look was stunning. Styles paired the rainbow set with maroon sneakers, Gucci of course! He was seemingly comfortable in this set, as we saw him running all around the stage and doing a few high knees at one point. I especially like the pink pastel detailing on the sleeves and the collar. It added a really fun touch! 

2. Night 7: Sparkly Pink Jumpsuit

This sparkly-striped look stole the show! The “Kiwi” singer paired this gorgeous Gucci jumpsuit with red sneakers, tying the whole fit together. I like how Styles went with the pink and red theme for this night. This look was absolutely iconic! With all of the sparkles catching the stage lights, it definitely added some “shimmer” to the show! 

  1. Night 6: Denim Moment

Here it is… the number one fit from Harry’s New York residency. Out of 15 different outfits, this here is the one! On night six of his residency, Styles wore a tank top-style, open vest top with a pair of denim jeans. The denim on denim and the cherry detailing was too good not to win number one, in my book. Not to mention the denim vest was open and fans could get a great look at Styles’ butterfly tattoo.

What was your favorite look from Styles’ New York residency? Let me know! 

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