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Suffering Through The Airport During Spring Break As Told By GIFs

Airports. Almost all of us have been to one, and I think we all can agree that they are chaotic, stressful, loud and claustrophobic. The worst thing that can happen to you at an airport is being stuck for more than three hours because of a delay. If you haven’t experienced this unfortunate occurrence in life, this is how it goes.

You are about to leave for the airport, and you’re excited because you get to ride in a plane that flies in the sky! But you’re also scared because you are going to ride on a plane that flies in the sky.

You get to the airport, and there is a HUGE line to check in so you start to freak out.

After finally checking in, you go through the security line and get violated by the TSA agents.

After the security line, you are finally free to relax.

You buy a Starbucks, a snack and maybe read a magazine.

Oh no… The lady at the gate just announced your flight has been delayed an hour. Oh well, you think to yourself, this isn’t that bad.

You wait.

Then she announces again that it’s delayed three hours, and at this point you are annoyed. Really annoyed.

By the third time she announces a delay you are 100 percent done.

You find multiple places to take naps.

The lady is about to make another announcement, and just when you are about to go Kanye West on her, she announces that boarding is about to begin.

You board the plane only to find out that you have a middle seat.

And after the nine hours of stress and waiting, you finally take off.

Safe travels over spring break, collegiettes!

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