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Style Revival: We Love These Trends From The Past!

It’s tough for a collegiette  to keep up with the constant flow of fresh fashion trends in today’s world, but many of our so-called ‘modern’ fads aren’t so modern after all. Style has the ability to show a lot about a time period and for 2013 a compilation of past trends have made their way to the front of many collections.  Here are some refurbished looks that are sure to keep you looking stylish with a retro touch.


The Nineties

Flower crowns, Dr. Martens and crop tops

The 90s grunge scene is very prominent in many spring collections for this year. Daisy chains and rose crowns, although a little eccentric for day-to-day wear, can be worn at outdoor music festivals and other special events.

Dr. Martens were a staple of 90s grunge fashion. These traditional leather combat boots come in a multitude of colors and definitely aren’t confined to winter wear. Finally, the overwhelmingly popular crop top is a perfect addition to any nightwear collection. Wear it with high-wasted jeans for an added boost of style.


The Eighties

Leather and studs

These rocker-chic accents are a great way to add some edginess to your wardrobe, and you don’t need to be a head-banging Metallica fan to pull it off. Studded flats and bags are great accessories to any outfit. Many designers add studs to denim and collared blouses as well. A good leather jacket is always in style and can be the perfect trendy cover-up for those chilly walks downtown on Saturday nights.


The Sixties & Seventies

Maxi dresses

Maxi skirts and dresses exploded last spring, and it seems that they are here to stay this season. These versatile pieces can be dressed up or down and are appropriate for day or night wear. Eccentric patterns on a maxi can make a great statement piece in your closet, or solid dark colors will allow you to accessorize further.


The Fifties

Bold prints

In the 1950s, women embraced all things patterned. Floral dresses and trousers add a feminine touch to any outfit and have been a dependable pattern in recent spring and summer trends. Animal print, polka dots and stripes are a few loud prints that have shown themselves in spring collections. Flaunt these patterns and let your confidence shine.


The Fourties

Pencil skirts and trench coats

A good pencil skirt is something every professional woman should have in her wardrobe and it doesn’t have to be boring! An appropriate hemline done the right way can make an excellent interview, internship or work outfit look sophisticated.

Trench coats, also a classic 1940s staple piece, are a great way to still look put- together on those dreadful rainy days in CoMo. There are a variety of lengths and styles available in order to fit every taste. Try one with a pop of color to add life to a simple outfit in time for spring.


The Twenties & Thirties

Applique headbands and lace

Detailed hairpieces and headbands are the perfect accessory to formal wear. They do not overpower the outfit and still offer a delicate feature to compliment the ensemble. Lace tops and dresses are sure to look elegant and classic at any function. Light colored lace, such as cream or peach, is sure to freshen up your look.


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