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Spring Break Travel Essentials

Spring is coming, people! You know what that means: Spring break! For you lucky ones jumping on a plane to a fun destination, I have some essentials you must take with you on the plane. Whether you love it or hate it, traveling and airports go together! Here are some items to ensure you are organized and prepared for a hassle-free travel experience.

Travel Wallet

Regardless if you are traveling out of the country or not, you need something to hold all of your important documents, IDs and credit cards. Having an organized holder or wallet will leave you with so much less stress. There’re so many times when you need to have your boarding pass, ID, credit, etc. easily accessible, so being organized is essential. The wallet is perfect for traveling, with plenty of room for everything you will need. It also comes in multiple colors, so you can find one that suits you!

Rose Water Spray

This product is life changing. Seriously, if you don’t own it, run fast to go pick one up for yourself. This facial spray, with aloe, herbs and rosewater, is just what you need to keep your skin looking fresh after a long day of travel. Spray this on before and after you get on the plane, so you don’t dry out while in the air. Also, if you get sunburned, the aloe in this is very soothing for a burn.


You cannot leave your house for vacay without a good pair of sunnies! Find a pair that you adore, and you will wear them all week long! With so many styles, you are sure to find a pair perfect for your face! Sonix has endless styles that are trendy and great quality. Most are under $100, so they won’t break the bank!


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