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Sam Gaynes ’14

Meet Sam Gaynes! Sam is a wildly energetic and funny guy who likes to have a good time hanging out with his friends when he’s not busy with schoolwork. Unfortunately, he’s taken ladies! But, you can still look. Right?! Enjoy!

Full name: Sam Benjamin Gaynes   
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Astrological Sign: Leo
Major/Minor: Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy)/ Business minor
Relationship Status: Taken
Favorite Quote: “Roll the dice” 
Favorite Movie: Memento or The Green Mile
Quirky Thing About You: “My mom says I sleep with my eyes open and my girlfriend says I make weird noises when I get excited for little things like food.”
Favorite Song: “We Are Mizzou”
Your Perfect Girl: “Rachel Bilson who can turn into a superhero.”
Ideal Date: “Fighting crime with Rachel Bilson when she turns into a superhero.”
First Thing You Notice About a Girl: Teeth 
Most Embarrassing Moment: “In preschool, the girl I had a crush on kissed me on the cheek. Suave me freaked out and I ended up punching her and she started crying and got in trouble by our teacher… “
Best Memory at Mizzou: Snowpocalypse 2011
What You Do Outside of School: “I’m really good at just hanging out, so I’ve been sticking to that as of late. And, I play lacrosse.”
Most Unattractive Thing a Girl Can do on a Date: “Be on her phone the whole time.”
Where You See Yourself in 10 Years: “I’ll worry about the future tomorrow.”
Favorite Place in Columbia: Ernie’s Café 
Number One Thing on your Bucket List?: “I want to own a helicopter and fly my kids to school in it.”
What Animal Would You Love to be?: “Well, I can already walk and swim, so I have to pick a bird. But, I hate birds.”
Favorite Food: Steak and grilled onions
Who Would You Switch Lives with If You Could for a Day?: “I have a completely normal man crush on Brody Jenner, so why not?”


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