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Ryan Candice


Ladies, meet this week’s campus cutie, Ryan Candice! Ryan is a St. Louis native studying International Business. He’s also on the Mizzou club tennis team! When he’s not studying or rocking the tennis court, you can find him hanging with his brothers at Pi Kappa Phi. Enjoy!

Full name: Ryan Candice
Age: 19
Year: Sophomore
Relationship status: Single
Favorite quote: “You shut your mouth when your talkin to me”
Favorite movie: Into The Wild
Celebrity crush: Brooklyn Decker
Idea of a perfect date: Taking a girl that I have liked for a while to a Cards game and her unexpectedly knowing everything about Baseball
The hottest thing a girl can wear is: Leggings
The weirdest thing she can wear: Converse shoes
The first thing he notices about a girl: Smile
What he looks for in a girlfriend: A girl that loves to talk and entertain a lot and is personable
The most unattractive thing a girl can do: Complain!
Last song played on his iPod: Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
Dream job: International Banker
Most embarrassing moment: Tripped and falling in front of an entire lecture
Favorite place in Columbia: Big 12 rooftop
First item on his bucket list: Live in another country

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