Review on Carrie Underwood's New Album

With a second baby on the way, Carried Underwood just released a new album on Friday, September 14. Her single, "Cry Pretty" reached No. 1 on iTunes back in April, and the accompanying album had a successful release as well. Here are a few details about the individual songs on the album.



"Cry Pretty"

A powerful song written by a strong woman. This song tells you that it is alright to cry and let your emotions out, even if that means there will be makeup running down your face. After all, no one can "cry pretty."

"Ghosts on the Stereo"

You can tell this one is a country song with the tune, instruments and the setting depicted by the lyrics. "Ghosts on the Stereo" talks about how after a break up she feels right at home without her ex and enjoys listening to her records at home that keep her in good company.


This one sounds like a classic country heartbreak song. Underwood hits some killer high notes in this tune as she emphasizes the feeling of being low and lonely, which most people can relate to at some point in their life.


Love is complicated, and Underwood captures the relatable fact that even when we feel like we belong with someone, we know deep down that it is not for the best. Nevertheless, sometimes we cannot help ourselves and end up getting back into those past relationships.


Heading Southbound anytime soon? If you are driving to Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana or wherever, play this tune while you are on the road. It will have you jamming out in the car while you are headed on a road trip.

"That Song That We Used to Make Love To"

Not the best song on the album, but it does have a catchy chorus once the song gets going. This one revisits the reality that people ponder their past loves and are reminded of them through music.

"Drinking Alone"

People drink for various reasons, and one of those is to drown away the sorrows of a past relationship. This song delves into the reality that sometimes people just need to go to a bar for that reason, and may end up drinking through the misery with someone who is going through the exact same thing.

"The Bullet"

This heartbreaking song talks about life, death and the pain that comes with the loss of losing a young loved one suddenly who hasn't had the chance to experience all the life events we take for granted. Another tear jerker with lots of depth to it.

"Spinning Bottles"

Life can get out of control, and oftentimes it seems like there are no solutions to our many problems. When our partners have issues that we don't know how to solve, it can be heartbreaking and exhausting. Underwood sings about the hurt and pain that comes with this type of situation.

"Love Wins"

Following the last heartbreaking song, this one will also get you emotional but hopefully will bring tears of hope instead. The power of love between families and friends is indescribable and can conquer anything. No matter what "love wins."

"End Up with You"

A cute country love song puts anyone in a good mood. When you love someone, you look into the future and see that someone right there with you. You don't want anyone else, as Underwood sings. All you want is to end up with that special someone.


This song is sure to give you the giddy feeling you used to have about fairytales come true. While life may not give you real castles or mansions, the place where you will find yourself truly happy is with the people you love.  The "kingdom"  you have always been looking for is in your heart.

"The Champion" - feat Ludacris

Get ready for empowerment, because this song has definitely got the rhythm and the lyrics to make you feel like you're on top of the world. This song would be a great addition to your workout playlist because it will definitely get you pumped.



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