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Recap: Key Moments (and Memes) from the Second Presidential Debate

If you missed the debate this past Sunday, don’t stress too hard. Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton talked about issues like taxes, the crisis in Aleppo, health care and Muslims in America.

Moderator Anderson Cooper brought up the tapes of Trump bragging about groping women. He tried consistently to get Trump to acknowledge that what he said was sexual assault. Trump dismissed answering the question, called it “locker room talk” and tried to talk about other issues like ISIS.

“No one has greater respect for women than I do,” Trump said at the debate. Clinton responded on the side of Cooper.

The debate consisted of questions from the moderators and also from audience members. Throughout the debate, candidates answered numerous questions in the 90-minute timeframe.

It was often nerve-wracking to listen to the moderators try to cut them off when the candidate’s time ran up. Both candidates seemed eager to say more even when their time was up.

A memorable moment from the debate was the last question, which asked the candidates to say one positive thing about the other. Clinton responded that she respected Trump’s children. Trump said he appreciated Clinton’s willingness to never give up.

Of course, there are many answers from the candidates that are significant, especially to those undecided voters. Even if you missed the debate, Twitter does a great job at what’s trending based on what the candidates said. Here’s a little quick guide to what the trending hashtags meant:

1. Ken Bone:

He became a meme during the debate. This undecided voter with his red sweater swooned the hearts of America with his question regarding the energy crisis.

2. #MuslimsReportStuff

In response to Muslim immigration, Trump asked Muslims to report when they see hatred going on. People on Twitter took a spin on this hashtag, with tweets like,

“I did laundry this morning but still haven’t put it away” – @sanamasuds

“I’m a Muslim, and I would like to report a crazy man threatening a woman on stage in Missouri. #debate” – @BayoumiMoustafa

The latter Tweet was the most widely shared Tweet from the debate.

The first debate gave us Clinton’s shoulder shimmy, and the second gave us Ken Bone. Let’s see what the third, and last, debate gives us. Watch on Wednesday, Oct. 19 at 9 p.m. EST.

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