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Podcast Review: “Thick & Thin” is Equal Parts Motivating and Entertaining

When thinking of the perfect lifestyle and advice podcast, the first one that always comes to mind is Thick & Thin, hosted by Katy Bellotte. YouTuber turned graphic designer and strategic communicator, Bellotte has lived in New York City and Los Angeles, and is now residing in her childhood home in Baltimore, Md. 

Bellotte has been through so much in her life and draws on her experiences and wealth of knowledge to cultivate an accepting and comforting environment for her listeners. With episodes touching on relationship advice, career path struggles, episodes dedicated to forgotten women in history and using her podcast as her digital diary, Thick & Thin is a must listen. 

Bellotte is unapologetically herself in every episode and doesn’t hesitate to be vulnerable and honest about her experiences. She does a great job of validating the feelings of her listeners and oftentimes makes it seem like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with her. 

Understanding that life isn’t perfect and that there’s going to be bumps in the road is the foundation to Bellotte’s show, and it helps normalize everyday struggles in a very authentic way. 

Bellotte started out at her dream job after college in the Marketing Department at Loreal Paris, and she soon realized that the corporate world wasn’t for her and wasn’t fulfilling her needs. It took her a while to grapple with the decision, but she ended up quitting and started freelancing for companies and smaller brands to help them amplify their advertisements. 

Her struggles with her career are not a one-day fix, and she does a great job establishing a timeline throughout her episodes and normalizes following your unconventional dreams. Advice like this is lacking within the media and being able to communicate that to her audience and prove that taking risks pays off, makes her message very effective. 

Being in her mid 20s and marketing to girls her age and below has been extremely beneficial for her platform and her advice is a solid foundation for resolving past experiences or preparing ourselves for the future. 

Bellotte posts a new episode on Spotify and the Apple Podcast app every Thursday and each episode averages about 45 minutes long. Although they’re longer episodes, the content is so unique and full of wonderful advice that the extra time doesn’t even matter. 

Check out Thick & Thin to get your weekly dose of honest and thoughtful advice to help you navigate life and build the best version of yourself.

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