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Period Products That are Better for Your Body

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mizzou chapter.

If you have a period you know that there are a lot of different options when it comes to the products you can use. Not all of them are equal, some products contain chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting in your body. Here are some things to look out for when you are buying your period products and brands that I recommend. 

If you are buying tampons and/or pads:

  • Check and see if they contain chemicals and if they are 100% cotton. 
  • Pesticides, dioxins, chlorine and fragrances can be found in your tampons and are not good for your body. 
  • Brands that I recommend are Lola and Cora.

If you are buying a menstrual disk or cup:

  • Check and see that the plastic it is made out of is BPA free. 
  • BPA can have negative effects on your brain and some research suggests a connection with BPA and increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • I recommend Cora.

If you are getting cup or disk cleanser:

  • Make sure the cleanser is fragrance free and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.
  • Most places where you purchase your cup or disk will sell a cleanser they recommend using for it as well.

Overall, choosing a period product is what works best for you. So try different brands and see what you like the best and you are most comfortable with. You can find Lola at Walmart and Target sells different brands of organic tampons, such as L. Organic and The Honey Pot. Just make sure you read the label and know what you are putting in your body and what to avoid.

(she/her) Madison Thompson is a junior at The University of Missouri- Columbia and has direct admission into the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism School. She is an older sister and loves to read and write. In addition to Journalism, Madison loves creative writing. Madison has a self-published poetry book titled "The Journey". Her Poem Supermarket was a finalist in the 2019 KET writing contest.