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The Need For More Comfortable, Affordable and Stylish Shoes

Let's face it: when it comes to fancy shoes, women are at a disadvantage. We always get stuck wearing high heels that raise our feet up as if we are standing on the tips of our toes. And honestly, it's no fun. I don't know how Cinderella did it with those glass slippers.

Thankfully the world invented Birkenstocks, which are very comfortable for summer weather. But the problem here is that those can get expensive. And Uggs were one of the most comfortable brands of boots ever created, but they can cost hundreds of dollars. Now what is a girl on a college budget supposed to do?

For girls on a budget, there are other ways. You can find knockoff brands that are practically the same thing, they just don't have the brand name stitched onto them.

Do you hate heels? Yeah me too. Sure they're pretty to look at, but once you find yourself walking a mile in them, you basically want to die. That's where flats come in handy. They can still be cute and are way more comfortable. Or wedges are also a nice alternative because they give you more stability while still adding a little height to your steps.

Another thing that all girls should invest in is a pair of slippers. I'm not saying that these are the best for walking around town in, but you can't deny the comfort that they can bring you in your own home.

The key to shoe shopping is not only being smart but knowing what your feet can and can't handle, along with keeping an eye on your bank account. If you do those simple things while always looking for deals, then you're all set.

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