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A recent trend has been going around on TikTok called the Mosaic Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to list off a bunch of habits that you’ve picked up from people in your life to show that we are a mosaic of the people around us.

This trend is so wholesome and inspiring and if you haven’t seen any of these videos, type in “Mosaic Challenge” into the TikTok search bar and start scrolling! 

Here are some habits I’ve picked up from family members and friends and I highly recommend sitting down and thinking about this because you never know what you’ll uncover about yourself!

  • Whenever I see a penny face up on the ground, I pick it up and check to see the year on the coin and see if anyone I know passed away in that year. My mom used to tell us that if we did know someone who passed during that year, it was a sign/message from that person and it’s stuck with me ever since. 
  • I love receiving books as gifts more than anything because I love the way my dad reacts when he gets a book as a present, and I get my love of books from him.
  • Whenever I host friends at my house or help plan an event, I always make sure there’s enough food to have leftovers and send it home with my friends. My grandma was an amazing party host and always made sure everyone had a gigantic bag of leftovers to take home with them and said it was embarrassing if the event ran out of food. 
  • Everytime I eat a really satisfying meal, I do a little happy dance while I eat because my sister does that and it makes me laugh every time. 
  • Whenever someone confides in me or asks for advice, I always tell them that their feelings are valid because my best friend Bailey does that to everyone and it’s so comforting to hear when she says it to me.
  • I always pour an obscene amount of cream in my coffee because my mom has always done that when she makes coffee, and it makes me think of her.
  • When I spray perfume, I always do a fun little dance because my brother does it when he sprays cologne, and it makes me laugh and think of him.
  • I memorize random facts about places, events and people because my dad does that and always acts as our tour guide when we go places and see new things. 

Reflecting on these habits has been so eye opening and I don’t think I would’ve realized any of this if it wasn’t for this challenge. You really don’t notice how your behaviors have been shaped until you take a step back and think about it and once you do, you’ll never forget it. 

Sophia Donis

Mizzou '23

I’m a Journalism major with a minor in Political Science from the Chicago suburbs! I love interior design, spending time with my friends and snuggling up with a good book!
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