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My Experience Trying a Plant Subscription Box

I tried the Succulent Studios monthly subscription box and here’s how my experience went! 

I saw tons of Facebook and Instagram advertisements for this subscription box so when I finally caved and clicked on the link, a new window popped up and if I signed up I received a free box and just needed to pay for shipping. This sounded like a really good deal so I jumped at the chance because if you’re a plant lover like myself, this sounds like the best creation ever. 

The few times I’ve gone on the website after my purchase, there’s a deal where you can put your email in and receive $6 off your first box which ends up being 50% off. Each box is normally $12 plus shipping and with my personal experience, I paid $5.50 for shipping. 

This means you’ll be paying at least $17 for two small plants each month and although it’s a convenient and cute idea, the price point is one reason why I won’t be continuing my subscription.

I received a tiger jade succulent and variegated rainbow bush and each plant came with a care guide specific to it and there was a third general card outlining the materials the pots were made out of and what can be thrown out from the box. Much to my disappointment, the tiger jade was completely broken and laying at the bottom of the box, but the rainbow bush was healthy and intact.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about plants being shipped all the way from Long Beach, California, and that is definitely part of the risk you take when ordering the box because you can never guarantee perfect shipping.

The plants are probably the smallest money can buy and puts them at $6 each and while that sounds reasonable, buying plants from local stores in Columbia is a better way to go and you get far more for your money. 

There is also the factor of instant gratification and if someone wants to go and get a plant, all they have to do is hop in the car and don’t have to wait for it to be delivered. 

My favorite part of plant shopping is walking around and looking at the plants so the fact that I couldn’t even pick which succulents I got was another determining factor.

While Succulent Studios has a beautiful website and in theory is a solid concept, I don’t recommend it because of the price, receiving a broken succulent, and the fact that I can get better plants in town. This could be a nice gift to send to a friend or family member, but I don’t recommend it on a monthly basis and think there are better ways to add to your plant collection. 

Sophia Donis

Mizzou '23

I’m a Journalism major with a minor in Political Science from the Chicago suburbs! I love interior design, spending time with my friends and snuggling up with a good book!
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