My All-Time Favorite Childhood TV Shows

We all need a kick of nostalgia sometimes, and the best way to do that is watching childhood TV shows. Watching any show I religiously watched in elementary or middle school gives me such joy and honestly, I’m amazed they aren’t still running with the true fans who watched, like me. Here are my all-time favorite childhood shows, ranging from Disney to Nickelodeon to PBS, and some are probably your favorites, too. 

The Powerpuff Girls

These girls are the EPITOME of girl power. I was Bubbles for Halloween twice as a kid. Buttercup was my idol. Blossom was a badass. I swear I saw a teaser for a new season or was that just me? Sugar, spice and everything nice, where you at?

Zoey 101

The theme song is half the reason this show was so great. 'Zoey 101' made me so excited to live in a dorm except I didn’t know dorms were not that glamorous, and there were not cool restaurants to chill at every day. Can’t Jamie Lynn Spears just have her child go to school at PCA, and we can have more seasons? PLEASE.

Lizzie McGuire

The original Bitmoji idea. Not only is Hilary Duff an amazing woman, but the show was so fun! The Aaron Carter episode made me want to cry of jealousy, and the Halloween episode scared me for months. This show was just an all-around classic, and I miss it so much. 

Boy Meets World

Here is a great theme song, too. This show was so great that they had to make 'Girl Meets World', which I also watched as a 20-year-old, obviously, and I am so sad it got canceled. I have 132 episodes of this recorded, and I refuse to delete any of them. I dreamt of having Topanga and Cory’s relationship since 7th grade. Maybe someday (HA).

That’s So Raven

Let me just say that I met Raven once with my mom, and my mom literally cried. My family loves Raven and her sassiness. Many people tell me I’m like Raven Baxter, which is such a huge compliment. Also, you can count me in to have a premiere party for the new show with Raven’s daughter as the psychic. BLESSED.

Hannah Montana

You think I would forget this one? I know Miley wasn’t happy while she was filming this, but the characters were unreal. I had a crush on Mitchel Musso for a while during the show, too. My friends and I listen to Hannah Montana songs almost every day. This is an obvious one. 

Full House

Another obvious one. I would have to say Full House is a lot better than Fuller House; maybe it’s the fashion or the youth in the characters, I don’t know. I could watch Full House for hours and hours and be so happy. John Stamos is also pretty nice to stare at.

Sister, Sister

I wanted to be their sister so bad. Such a classic! These girls seem SO real on the show and in real life. This will be my final favorite, so I’ll end by saying this…. GO HOME, ROGER.