Minnesota Supreme Court Ruling Sets Dangerous Precedent

**TW: Rape/Sexual Assault**

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently overturned a federal rape conviction because the woman was “intoxicated by her own will.” 

Minnesota law defines rape as assault of someone who is known to be “mentally incapacitated.”

The Minnesota Supreme Court interpreted this statute saying that this does not include someone who is “voluntarily intoxicated by alcohol.”

This ruling sets a dangerous precedent for future cases and perpetuates harmful stereotypes about rape. 

People, especially women, who experience assault after drinking are often blamed for being attacked. Other questions, such as, “What were you wearing?” perpetuate the idea that victims of assault are responsible for what happened to them. 

RAINN reports that there are over 433,000 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States. Women experience especially high rates of sexual violence and millions of women have been the victims of sexual assault in the US. 

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