Meet The Staff: Suzanne Sterns

Welcome to our first "Meet The Staff" edition of campus cutie! This week, we're featuring one of our staff writers, Suzanne Sterns. She's a journalism major from St. Louis whose ideal dates involves a good hike and a good meal from a restaurant off the beaten path. Read on for more interesting facts about Suzanne!

Full name: Suzanne Marie Sterns

Year at Mizzou: Freshman 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Journalism (strategic communications) 

Campus involvement: Her Campus (clearly), Alpha Chi Omega, Women's Club Lacrosse Team

Relationship status: Taken. 

Favorite Mizzou memory: Donating 8 inches of hair for MizzouThon.

Most embarrassing moment: Slipping on the wet ground in the Student Center. 

First item on bucket list: Stand in that place where you're standing in four states at once... Not quite sure what it's called, though. 

Celebrity crush: James Franco #blessed. 

Favorite fictional character: Meredith Grey.

Ideal date: Walking outside or a hike followed by dinner at a hip, unknown restaurant. 

Turn ons: Ambition, maturity and humor.

Turn offs: Lack of passion and purpose. 

One thing you wish to accomplish this year:  Keep a consistent work out schedule and take up yoga!

Where you see yourself 10 years from now? Hopefully I'll have an advertising job in a big city and be starting a family.