May Podcast Roundup!

Here are the podcasts I’ve been loving this month! 

  1. 1. Wonderful! 

    From their website: "Wonderful! is a podcast for joyful and enthusiastic people that like hearing about the passions, big and small, of other people. Each week Rachel and Griffin McElroy will talk about things they love and invite listeners to write in with their treasured items of enthusiasm. Topics may include movies, television, sports, books, drinks, eats, animals, methods of transportation, cooking implements, types of clothing, places in the world, imaginary places, fictional characters, and fonts, to name a few.”

  2. 2. Food 4 Thot 

    From their website: "Dennis, Fran, Joseph, Tommy forged a beautiful friendship over their shared love of literature, rosé, and butt-stuff. This round-table podcast is a recipe from all their brains, discussing (and sometimes disagreeing) on everything at the intersection of queerness and brownness—from Beyoncé to Borges, politics to peen sizes, Nietzsche to 90s R&B—combining the best of literary intellect with absolute trash. Like The View, but not terrible."

  3. 3. The Heart 

    From their website: "The Heart is an audio art project about intimacy and humanity. Founded in Kaitlin Prest’s bedroom in 2014, The Heart is comprised of a community of badass writers, radio makers and artists who make personal documentary work about their bodies and their loves. In 2017, The Heart was named a Peabody Award Finalist."

Happy listening!