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Love Your Body Day at MU

Senior Kathryn Bailey smiles and shouts, “Happy Love Your Body Day!” at students walking through Lowry Mall on Thursday afternoon Oct. 4, 2012. 

The annual event Love Your Body Day is held on Lowry Mall Thursday afternoon Oct. 4, 2012. Love Your Body Day is a part of the weeklong Love Your Body Project, which advocates positive self image and healthy lifestyle choices!

The craft table offered free button making, “what you love about your body drawings” and more. The event provides numerous activities and free items, such as screen printed posters. The team of volunteers varies from members of the Wellness Resource Center to the MSA/GPC Craft Studio.

Kelsey Lammy, Mizzou senior, holds up a ROSE (Raising Our Self Esteem) button while volunteering at Love Your Body Day. ROSE concentrates understanding the underlining causes of low self-esteem and works to improve it.

Kallie Brown, Mizzou senior, sports a Parks and Recreation inspired pin while working at the craft table. Brown works for the Women’s Center, and this is her second Love Your Body Day.

Mikayla Jackson and Lexi Linsenman, both Mizzou juniors, pose with their free Love Your Body t-shirts.

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