Love the Skin You're In: 7 Ways to Change Your Perspective Instantly

The term "Love Your Body" is thrown around like confetti these days - which isn't a bad thing, but in a world full of photoshopped magazine ads, social media celebs with flawless photos, and society telling us what is and isn't "pretty" - it can be hard to nail down what exactly it means to have a "body positive" mantra. Often times, we as young women focus on rooting our self-worth in external characteristics when in reality, self-love starts from within. The next time you start to feel like you aren't enough, try one of these 7 tips to remind yourself you're one of a kind. 

1. Recognize Negativity

The next time you start to notice yourself thinking negative thoughts, stop them on the spot and replace them with positive affirmations. It may sound cheesy, but your thoughts truly do determine your reality. Positive thoughts = positive life. 

2. Stop Comparing 

Comparison is the thief of joy. There is only one you; and no matter how hard you try, you will never be someone else. So love the skin you're in and be happy with what you have while working for what you want.

3. Give Thanks

Feeling down about your bod? Think of all the amazing things you can accomplish.with it! Your mind, your work ethic, your skills, and your determination will take you so far in life; so be thankful you have the opportunities to pursue your goals and aspirations.

4. Focus on Health

Go for a run, hit the gym for a lifting session, join a group fitness class, play a sport, or simply get moving. Instead of dwelling in negativity and feeling down on yourself, focus on becoming strong, healthy, and empowered. 

5. Put on Your Positive Pants

Read an inspirational quote, create a vision board, or write down a list of things you want to accomplish. Surround yourself with a positive support group of friends and family who want to see you achieve all of your goals.

6. Treat Yourself

Not with your favorite unhealthy food. Take yourself to the spa, go on a shopping spree, whatever your heart desires. We all have days where we feel down in the dumps - and sometimes a little pampering does just the trick.

7. Do Something You Love

Get on Pinterest and find a cute craft you want to make to brighten up your room, join a club or organization at school, volunteer at the local animal shelter, or even make the decision to run for president of your sorority. Find something you are good at and hone in on it. Your talents, personality, and how you give back to your community will ultimately be what matters in the end.

As girls, we all have days where the pressure of society to fit the "perfect" mold can get to us; you are not alone! The most important thing to do is recognize the source of negativity in your life, remove it, and begin accepting yourself for the person that you are. Ain't nobody got time for a Negative Nellie, so truly make an effort to keep an optimistic perspective. Your thoughts make a world of a difference.