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Kim K’s New Hairstyle Is The Definition Of Bold

Stars like Kim Kardashian are debuting bleach blonde hair this season. The expense of this bold hairstyle is a bit concerning and difficult to attain for anyone with a budget. Kim got $500 worth of highlights but you don’t have to. Most hair salons can do a quality job of bleaching for around $200. Yes, it’s expensive, but keeping the platinum from not looking yellow and tacky is worth the money.

Kim styles her hair in so many more interesting ways now that she chopped it off and dyed it blonde. She rocks the middle part on many occasions. She also wears her bold new hair in a side part. She has been compared to Draco Malfoy from “Harry Potter” a few times on the internet when she slicks her hair back, but it’s still a bold look that suits her. The point is, this hairstyle has so many ways it can be styled while still looking bold and fun. 

The middle part

The slick back

The side part

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