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Jared Dey

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Jared Dey! He’s very involved here at Mizzou and has set himself up for success. But, I hate to break it to you ladies, he’s taken.

Name: Jared Dey

Hometown: Sedalia, MO (Actually, a farm 20 minutes outside of Sedalia.)

Year at Mizzou: Junior 

Major: Finance and real estate, entrepreneurship minor. I currently work in medical sales and plan to pursue a career in medical device sales after graduation.

Campus involvement:

  • Trulaske College of Business Ambassador – Actively assisting the university with recruitment and retention of a diversified population of high-ability students.
  • Mizzou Club Golf
  • Abbott Laboratories Campus Ambassador – Interned with Abbott last summer (2014) and was promoted to the sales development team. Helped start the campus ambassador program to recruit “tomorrow’s leaders” for the company.
  • Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity – Investment committee.
  • A Brighter Way – Founder and president. This is a new organization and were are still working out the logistics. Our short-term goal is to lead the fundraising initiative for Camp Kesem and Brighter Thailand, allowing Mizzou students to practice sales techniques and gain exposure to local companies while helping two great causes. Our long-term goal is to raise $50,000 annually for donations, guest speakers and sales conferences.

Relationship status: In a relationship (with Shannon Dawson). Sorry ladies, she’s a keeper.

Favorite movie: "Shawshank Redemption" (Classic.)

Favorite food: Lobster if it’s a fancy night, but Mexican food is my go to on a daily basis. No, El Rancho does not count…

Unique fact: One time, I gave Tom Brady a shoulder exam while shadowing the team doctor of the New England Patriots. 

Most embarrassing moment: My high school graduation speech; let’s not talk about it…

Favorite place in Columbia: The Roof

Turn ons: A girl who is intelligent, down to earth and loves going to them gym.

Turn offs: Someone who is self-centered, being unfaithful… there has to be mutual trust, and being quiet and reserved all the time… you only live once, loosen up and enjoy it.

Pet peeve: People who blow off plans or change them last minute.

Celebrity crush: Mila Kunis

Something no one knows about me is: I was a Wendy’s High School Heisman (top 100 student athlete in the nation, based equally on academic and athletic achievements).

Hidden talent: Rapping in Spanish, a night at The Roof helps this talent take its true form.

Favorite Mizzou Memory so far: I can’t name one specific time, there have been many, but I love how you can meet someone at Mizzou and within weeks they are one of your best friends. How accepting people are of others and how Mizzou students are willing to have fun with anyone makes Mizzou home for me. 

Perfect date: (In Hawaii) Start out with a round of golf, then dinner on the beach and a few drinks out on the town.

One thing on my bucket list is: Going to Harvard for my MBA.

Dream job: CEO of a large medical company. 

Where you see yourself in 10 years: Married, living somewhere warmer than Missouri, and founding a company focused on helping people live healthier lives with my brother who is currently in medical school at Johns Hopkins.

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