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I’m Just Not That Into You.


There’s always that one guy who just doesn’t... get it. He tries to chat you up, often with cheesy pick-up lines and never-ending double texts. You try to be nice and respond, but he doesn’t understand that your short replies and lame excuses mean you want nothing to do with him.

Whether he’s the creepy guy who won’t leave you alone at the bars or that friend you want to keep just as a friend, it’s hard to let someone down. But a girl must do what a girl must do. How, exactly, should we show a guy that we just aren’t that into him?

If your number somehow ended up in the hands of this unfortunate male and he won’t stop blowing up your phone, don’t panic. If it has been more than a few days and short replies aren’t sending the signal, text him back and simply say you are seeing someone. You don’t need to make up a pseudo boyfriend or an elaborate story, just say you are preoccupied with someone else. Hopefully he’ll realize that you don’t want to be talking to anyone else.

Say this guy has memorized your class schedule. He stops by every day between English and Chemistry when you’re grabbing that afternoon pick-me up at Starbucks. Change locations to avoid that awkward encounter. Trust me, these creepers are relentless. If you pick up on this form of low-level stalking, switch up your routine.

Next time you see this guy in public, say, at Bengals on Thursdays or fraternity mixers on Saturdays, don’t run and hide. If (and when) he approaches you, simply say you’re enjoying a night out with your girlfriends and have everything planned already. The guy will hopefully learn to back off.

And lastly, never be afraid of using honesty. If this guy really won’t stop getting on your nerves, tell him the truth. Say you aren’t interested. You shouldn’t have to feel rude when being honest, especially if you do it in a tasteful way. A simple text saying, “I’m not interested,” or “I see us more as friends,” will tell him you aren’t looking for anything serious.

It’s hard letting people down. When certain behavior becomes a source of anxiety, though, being upfront will benefit you both in the long run.

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