How To Stay Cool and Cute in the Summer Heat

I always find it hard to look cute when I can’t throw on a sweater, a pair of booties or fringed jeans in the summer heat. It’s also hard to stay looking how you did when you first walked out of the door that morning with the dripping makeup and sweat stains. The summer is all about how to look put together while you’re sweating your butt off, so here are my top tips on some cute, practical summer looks.

Wear a dress

I really don’t like the feeling of a tight outfit on me in the summer heat. Dresses are my best friend in the summer, especially when you can layer it over a swimsuit. Dresses are cute, easy and will obviously keep the air circulating.


Accessories are like the sweater of summer. When you’re bored with your winter look, you throw on a flannel or a jacket, but in the summer, throw on some jewelry. Stack up the bracelets and rings and maybe invest in some body chains to wear under your clothes. 

Go natural

No one wants to wear a face full of heavy makeup in the summer. The heat will make your makeup sweat off and crease, and you’ll have raccoon eyes from the running mascara. Wear a light tinted moisturizer and some bronzer to lighten up your natural features without the weight of a full face.

Wear Sunscreen

This summer I’m going to be all about protecting my skin. Yeah, that tan will look cute for a month, but the damage it does to your skin is much less cute. Premature wrinkles and sunburns are not a fun look, so protect it now, and you’ll thank me.

Show Some Skin

Your body can be your greatest accessory. Wear backless, sleeveless tops to get extra air flowing through your shirts. There’re so many ways to DIY old clothes into tied up shirts, so you can create what you really want. The more cut-outs, the better.

Try a New ‘Do

Summer is all about cutting the weight, including your hair. Chop it off if you want, or try some new up-do styles. There are plenty of cute ponytails you can try, or you can play with a messy bun and some braids. Maybe even dye it!

Go Sheer

Sheer tops are kind of like dresses with the amount of air they circulate. It’s basically like you’re not wearing clothes! Layer a cute bralette or bathing suit underneath to add more accessories to your outfit. 

Early Exercise

You all know that exercise makes you feel better at any time of the year, but in the summer, I love getting a good workout in the morning. The heat is a lot less tiring then, and you’ll feel great poolside with a healthy heart and body.