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How to Combat Allergies Before Summer

 It seems like warmer weather is finally starting to arrive, and with it comes the effects of getting over winter colds or dealing with spring allergies. And since summer is nearly here, we all want to make sure that we feel happy and healthy in time for outdoor activities. Here are a few tips to help you fight back the feelings of illness this year:

Stock up on medicine

Zyrtec is the best medicine at the store for allergies. If you’re having trouble sleeping, Benadryl can help with allergies and it will also assist you in falling asleep. Nasal sprays are good options for medication if you have sinus congestion, or eye drops work if you have itchy, irritated eyes.

Know the pollen counts

You can keep track of how bad the pollen is by watching your local weather news channel. It also helps to be aware of which triggers are the worst for you. Trees are usually the worst in early spring. Grass starts in late spring or early summer. Mold is generally in midsummer, but it can be bad year-round in certain states. Weeds are worst in late summer.

Keep the windows and doors closed

I know, one of the great things about spring is the fact that it’s finally nice out so we can open our windows and let the fresh air in. But this will only make allergies worse as it’ll bring all the pollen and dust into the house. You can still open the curtains and let in sunshine, but it’ll be easier to enjoy it from the inside with air conditioning.

Avoid gardening and mowing the lawn

While staying inside may be a good idea, there will be days where you just want to enjoy yourself outside and take the risk. But if you do decide to venture outside for a long period of time during allergy season, don’t spend time gardening or mowing the grass. Instead, have someone else mow the lawn for you, and try growing potted plants inside to make up for it.

Have multiple tissues boxes around the house

You never know when you’re going to sneeze or need to blow your nose. Sometimes people, including myself, have bloody noses more often with allergies, so it’s always a good idea to have tissues around for those instances. Keeping a box in the bathroom, bedrooms, office and even in your car will keep you more prepared.



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