The Hottest International Olympians to Grace Your TV Screen This Winter

Can't tell if an Olympian is attractive under all those layers of gear? It's hard to identify perfect bone structure and luxurious locks underneath layers of spandex, jackets, helmets and goggles, so we took the liberty of doing all the heavy lifting and hard research to bring you scientifically accurate results. Check out this list and decide once and for all if your favorite Olympians are as hot as you imagined.

Gus Kenworthy, Team USA, freestyle skiing 

Between saving puppies worldwide and proudly representing the LGBTQ community, Gus Kenworthy is undoubtedly one of the most familiar faces in Pyeongchang.

He's not afraid to bare it all for his sport.

Or show off his goofy side. 

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John Daly, Team USA, skeleton race

It's hard to tell under the helmet and all the spandex, but John Daly has declared he has the most perfect hair - and he is not wrong. 

And if perfect hair isn't enough for you, check out those perfect abs.

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Chris Mazdzer, Team USA, luge

Chris Mazdzer made history as the first American athlete to win a medal in the men's singles luge event, and it doesn't hurt that he's a major cutie.

And it's no shock that he does some pretty impressive workouts.

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Nathan Chen, Team USA, figure skating

Eighteen-year-old Nathan Chen is a beast on the ice, seems super fun to hang out with and is a huge fan of dogs. What more could you want?!


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Jayson Terdiman, Team USA, luge

If there's one thing Jayson is good at it's taking pics with fellow hottie Matt Mortensen. Just take a look for yourself. 

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Joey Mantia, Team USA, speed skating

No one speed skates in a suit like Joey Mantia. Well, no one speed skates in suits at all. But that's beside the point. 

No matter the suit, Joey is easy on the eyes. 

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Ben Ferguson, Team USA, snowboarding

Ben Ferguson may not have scored the podium in Pyeongchang this month, but he scored major points for his good looks. Just look at those baby blues. 

In his free time, Ben's also a big fisherman.

And he knows how to pose for a good selfie. 

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Nick Goepper, Team USA, freestyle skiing

Between major cutie Nick Goepper and fellow freestyle skier Gus, the US Ski Team has some real lookers. Since taking bronze in Sochi, Nick has opened up about personal struggles he has overcome to make the podium in Pyeongchang, making his silver medal in men's slopestyle all the more special. 

Nick proves he's not all about himself.

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Now for some international hotties!

Scotty James, Team Australia, snowboarding

At 6'2, Scotty James stands above the competition both in skill and incredible good looks. A bronze medalist in the legendary Halfpipe competition where Shaun White made history, Scotty is easily the most beloved Australian athlete. Just look at that smile. So pure. 

Looks like the Hemsworth brothers aren't the only hotties from the land down under. 

Again, just look at that smile. 

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Stale Sandbech, Team Norway, snowboarding  

Stale Sandbech proves that some people are lucky enough to be able to rock any hairstyle out there. From long locks to a clean crop, Stale's good looks - and piercing blue eyes - are undeniable. 

He keeps it fun.

He doesn't discriminate when it comes to board sports.

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Mark McMorris, Team Canada, snowboarding

Barely a year after a life-threatening snowboarding injury that left a broken jaw and left arm, a ruptured spleen, a pelvic fracture, rib fractures and a collapsed lung, Mark McMorris is back on the Olympic slopes. Already a bronze medalist in this year's Slopestyle competition, Mark is one you'll want to watch for both talent and looks.

A true testament to attractiveness: the ability to somehow pull of a bucket hat. 

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Sven Kramer, Team Netherlands, speed skating

The 2018 Olympics have proved that Sven Kramer has a gold medal in speed skating and smiling. 


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Max Parrot, Team Canada, snowboarding

Max Parrot has already earned a silver medal in Slopestyle at the 2018 Olympics, but he hasn't stopped sliding into people's hearts. Once again, Canada is bringing the baby blues to the competition this year.

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