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HCM’s Top 7 Places to Meet Guys on Campus

Syllabus week has wrapped up and every collegiette is settling into her own routine. But making new friends and meeting attractive boys might not seem so easy when you soon find yourself stuck inside studying for tests. Have no fear, Her Campus has searched all over campus to compile a list of the best places to meet really cute guys.

Sporting Events
If you’re into sports, grab a few of your friends and hit up the Tigers’ first football game this weekend. After Mizzou scores, don’t hesitate to high-five the cutie sitting next to you. He’ll be impressed with your enthusiasm and it will be a great way to break the ice. Check out mutigers.com for a schedule of all of the Mizzou Athletic programs.     

Student Center
The student center is always packed with tons of guys, but lunchtime seems to be a prime opportunity to find the largest selection. Between their classes, guys swarm the lines for Pomodoro and Do Mundo’s for a bite to eat, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know a few of them. To most, lunchtime might be an awful time to go to the Student Center, but for us single folks it’s prime meeting time. Every table is typically occupied, so why not pull the oldest trick in the book and ask a campus cutie if you can sit with him. You never know, you may realize that you have a lot in common with this stranger that was kind enough to share their table with you.

Class Labs
In this small classroom setting, why not sit next to the cute boy you spotted in your lecture class? It’s the ideal opportunity to introduce yourself when the teacher says to grab a partner. Plus, you’ll have a built-in study buddy.

Religious Study
What better place to meet a great guy than a religious study group? The small intimate setting will let you get to know a guy when he has his guard down. In this atmosphere, you can learn about his true perspective on life. There is also something special about relationships built from common beliefs, even if it turns out to just be a friendship. And if you’re looking for a new place of worship, he can be the perfect person to offer suggestions. He might even invite you to come to a service with him. When you’re making plans to meet up, you can easily ask for his phone number.

Cornell Hall
Walk in the doors of Cornell Hall and suddenly you’ll find yourself surrounded by smart guys who are bound to be successful. Take a seat on one of the couches in Cornell’s great study lounges to get within range talking of these cute guys. One of the easiest things you can do to start a conversation is to shuffle through your backpack like you’re looking for a writing utensil. When you “can’t find one,” ask the cutie sitting next to you if he has one you can borrow. Once you have his attention, try to strike up a conversation. Not sure what to say? If he’s wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat, you can let him know that you’re a huge Cards fan. More often than not, he’ll pick up on your cue and take a break from studying. Be sure to ask for his name so that the next time you see him you can ask if had a chance to catch the Card’s last game.   

The Shack
You’d be surprised at the large number of guys who come to The Shack to watch games on the enormous screen. But, we suggest you don’t take your whole group of girls with you when you go to watch. Guys will be too intimated to talk to you if they feel they have to compete with your friends to get your attention. While you’re watching the game, be sure to voice your opinion about certain plays and your thoughts on how well the team you’re cheering for is playing. Whether or not guys are cheering for the same team, they are bound to speak up if they hear a comment they either agree or disagree with. Be sure to end the night with a suggestion that you all should watch a game together next time because you had such a great time.

Between the pool, sauna and weight room, at least one guy will attract your attention. Meeting someone is as simple as asking the guy next to you if he wouldn’t mind spotting you when he takes a break between his reps. Also, because many guys have a set gym schedule, the cutie you were talking to will be there again at the same time next week, and maybe even the next day.   

Where have you met a campus cutie? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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