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HCM’s Guide to iOS 6

We’ve all been anticipating Apple’s release of the iPhone 5 for the past few months, and now that it’s here, many of us are curious as to whether or not we should upgrade phones or just upgrade our software to Apple’s iOS6. But don’t worry, Her Campus has the all information necessary to help you decided whether or not the upgrade is right for you.

For those of you who aren’t great with directions, or just need a little extra guidance with the route to your friend’s house, the new addition of spoken turn-by-turn navigation is great. It’s just like having a GPS in your hands. Also real-time traffic updates help you avoid traffic when you’re running late.


Siri is smarter than ever before. Siri understands more foreign language and has more voice-controlled capabilities. From the latest scores of your favorite team to the movie times at your local theater, Siri knows the answer. Also updating your Facebook statuses and tweeting has never been easier with the help of Siri. Siri can now also open apps.


iOS 6 makes keeping up with your friends easier than ever before. You only have to sign into Facebook once, then you can share photos, scores, etc. right from the app you’re on. Also with the integration of your Facebook calendar to your personal calendar, you’ll never miss another birthday. Your contacts will also contain all of your friends’ information, so you’ll never be left searching for numbers or emails again. The like button is also now a part of more features, such apps from the app store, so you can like a song or a review without even leaving the app you’re on.   


Shared Photo Streams
Shared Photo Streams are a great way to share photos without counting against your iCloud. The best part is that it works on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.


With Passbook your movie tickets, boarding passes, and coupons are all in one place. There’s also no need to print hard copies because the barcodes can be scanned right from your iOS 6 device. Frequent travelers will appreciate that the app keeps you up to date with your flight information. If anything changes, such as the terminal, it will send you a message.


Facetime now works over cellular networks, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a call.


Just when you thought iOS 6 couldn’t get any better, there are new calling features. Now when you ignore someone’s call you can choose to send him or her to voicemail, send him or her a text, or set a callback reminder. Also with the “do not disturb” setting, you can relax in peace, but don’t worry, you can chose to set your boss or boyfriend as an exception to be sure you don’t miss their call.


Mail now offers a VIP feature that will never let you miss an email from your VIP listed contacts such as your family, boss, or boyfriend.


Have you ever surfed the web on one device and then tried to go back to it later on another device, but find the right page? With iCloud and iOS 6, when you open one page, it will appear on all of your devices.


The guided-access feature helps those who have trouble focusing stay on task. With this feature you can now disable the Home button, as well as restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen. The VoiceOver, screen reader feature is extremely beneficial for blind and low-vision users. It is also now integrated with Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom.


Probably the most exciting upgrade to the iOS 6 is the inclusion of the panorama setting on the camera. With this feature, panorama pictures have never been so easy.

As a whole, the new iOS 6 software update by Apple is incredible. My only complaint is the loss of the YouTube app and the ability to stream YouTube songs while using your phone for other tasks. Other than that, I would recommend the update. It not only increases the speed of your phone, but also increases your efficiency.

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